Origlio Beverage

Client: Origlio Beverage

Duration: 3 Weeks

Location: Philadelphia

  • Replace antiquated legacy technology
  • Implement unified communications features, including call center capabilities, caller ID, integrated voice mail, call routing, and messaging.
  • Prioritize calls to provide enhanced service to top-tier customers
  • Improve call response time

The company was depending on an older TDM PBX that lacked any call center features or customization. The legacy infrastructure offered no integrated voice mail, no ability to route calls or identify priority customers, and no email notifications.

Without an efficient ACD queue, a great number of calls were bunced to voice amil, which frustrated calling customers and required Origlio's already overburdened call agents to tae orders from voice mail to get them entered in time for thatr day's shipment. 

The xisting phone system hasd no way for the "Gold" sales team to identify major accounts. All callers were treated the same, which meant sometimes diverting important client calls to voice mail.

In addtion, the legacy system offered no mobile capabilities, , a significant problem because sales people are often on the road visiting customers, and distrubtion trucks are out as early as 4am with no easy way to connect to the system.

To meet Origlio's myriad needs, we deployed tje Vertical Wave Unified Communications platform. Since the Wave IP system is flexible enough to accommodate legacy equipment, Origlio immediately realized economies by integrating some of its exisiting handsets.

Wave's Call Classifier application allowed Origlio's call center to differentiate and route its top priority customers to its elite sales group. Now, these customers are immediately handled by select agennt to snure their most important buyers remain satisfied.

Accordng to the Wave IP's system reporting data, Origlio was able to increase the number of calls answered within 2o seconds of intial contact by 10 percent. This figure increases to 20 percent for its high-priority customers, which are now routed throgh a separate queue to the distributor's Gold sale team. These results exceeded management's original goals.

The company also has been able to significantly shorten call-waiting times, so that far fewer calls are routed to voice mail. More ordersd are processed daily, and customer satisfaction has been enhanced. In addition, Wave's ViewPoint call management platform allows for mobile employees to receive email noitifcations for voice messages throughout the day.